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Apple Carplay Activation

We can activate carplay for 2017+ Range Rovers & Land Rover vehicles with the InControl Touch Pro infotainment system. 

Models Covered:

  • Range Rover

  • Range Rover Sport

  • Range Rover Velar

  • Range Rover Evoque

  • Land Rover Discovery V

Please note USB either with SIM or HMDI or both ports are required for activation.


Jaguar XF X250 BCM Repair Service

We can repair the front BCM module that has been corrupted by disconnecting a battery and the car no longer recognises the key displaying smart key not found.


  • Smart Key Not Found

  • Vin appears corrupted under live data

  • Vin in module shows as ??????? or YYYYYY


Factory Power Upgrades

When your JLR vehicle is re-mapped by a tuning company the ECU can flag up a fault code - Non OEM Calibration Detected or Unauthorised Software/Calibration Detected.

We can apply genuine landrover software to the factory de-tuned versions which use the same engine as higher power software versions. 


Configuration of Stop/Start

We can configure the stop/start system to remember the last used setting before the car was switched off meaning you can have your stop/start disabled from start. 


Activations & Retrofits

We can activate features that have not been activated in the factory but share the same hardware as currently installed on your vehicle making it just a software change. 

We can add additional optional extras by retrofits that require a hardware change as well as coding,  such as Digital Drivers Display or heated steering wheels which were not added on the original factory build. 


Replacement JLR Keys

We can replace lost & stolen keys on Jaguar Land Rover & Range Rover Vehicles.

Unlike most of our competitors where they only add a key directly to the KVM Module making such key not able to start a car by the emergency slot on the steering column and display a message wrong smart key. Or cloning the data of the original key and writing it to the new key meaning the lost/stolen key can still unlock and start the car. 

We program these keys properly so that they work on remote/keyless as well as backup emergency start in case of battery in the key fails. 

We follow exact same procedure as the main dealer on the later JLR vehicles with locked KVM modules at a cheaper cost.

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