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We only provide our digital mileage correction services to allow you to remedy the problems in an inaccurate or corrupted odometer but you must act responsibly and declare correct mileage when selling your car by informing interested parties.

What is mileage correction?

Mileage correction is the process of resetting/adjusting the mileage that's displayed on a digital odometer. If the original instrument cluster fails and you have it replaced with a second-hand unit mileage correction would be required to match the original mileage. 

Another reason for mileage correction is when you're retrofitting an upgraded instrument cluster for example mk7 golf standard cluster changed for a virtual cockpit. 

Dashboard Mileage Correction

Services offered

VAG Instrument Cluster Fault

We are able to repair most Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Seat "Instrument Cluster Fault please visit workshop" warning message on instrument cluster where the main dealer would suggest a new cluster. 

Vw Virtual Cluster 

We are able to offer a mileage reset to 0 miles or set a desired mileage on Volkswagen Seat Skoda Virtual Cluster as well as retrofit these clusters instead of standard analogue ones. All coding and programming done in house. Some clusters can be done same day some need up to 48hrs as they require approval.

BMW Instrument Cluster

We offer reseting and programming second hand instrument cluster to match your cars mileage, vin & coding. We are able to repair some clusters where data in the eeprom got corrupted.

We also offer 6WB instrument cluster retrofit. 

Mileage correction 

Mileage correction to achieve the correct mileage after replacing a failed instrument cluster. Most cases these can be done via the OBD diagnostic socket, however some manufactures require eeprom work in order to achieve this. 

VAG Mileage Correction on Virtual Cockpit

We can offer a reset service on virtual dashboards from Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda this includes the new 2020+ mk8 golf, 2020+ Audi A3 8Y, Seat 2020+

We offer a reset to decrease the mileage to 0km and then it can be set to any mileage. 

We can offer this as a postal service, mobile service within our service area or you can bring the vehicle to us. 

Disclaimer: Please do not use this service for illegal purposes. To be used in situations such as the original instrument cluster has failed and had to replace the speedometer with another used one on the wrong mileage etc.

Vehicle Coverage 

Audi Mileage Correction.jpg

Audi Dashboard Mileage Correction

BMW Mileage Correction.jpg

BMW Dashboard Mileage Correction

Volkswagen Mileage correction.jpg

Volkswagen Dashboard Mileage Correction

porsche cayenne.jpg

Porsche Dashboard Mileage Correction


Mercedes Dashboard Mileage Correction


Fiat Dashboard Mileage Correction


Ford Dashboard Mileage Correction


Vauxhall Dashboard Mileage Correction


Land Rover Dashboard Mileage Correction


Jaguar Dashboard Mileage Correction


Mini Dashboard Mileage Correction


Lamborghini Dashboard Mileage Correction


Aston Martin Dashboard Mileage Correction


Ferrari Dashboard Mileage Correction


Bentley Dashboard Mileage Correction


Peugeot Dashboard Mileage Correction


Citroen Dashboard Mileage Correction

Renault Mileage Correction.jpg

Renault Dashboard Mileage Correction


Hyundai Dashboard Mileage Correction


Nissan Dashboard Mileage Correction

Areas Covered:

JK Car Electrics for our dashboard Mileage Correction service - dashboard cloning - data transfer - Virtual Cluster retrofits covers Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Ilkeston, Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield, Burton upon Trent, Loughborough, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Ashbourne, Melton Mowbray, Newark-on-Trent.

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